May 28, 2022

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Ask The Vet: Antisocial goldendoodle and bird’s watery stools, Residence & Style News & Top rated Stories

SINGAPORE – In this fortnightly column, veterinarians from the National Parks Board response queries about pet wellbeing and conduct.

This week’s column is helmed by Dr Shawn Chia, a veterinarian from the Animal and Veterinary Assistance below the Nationwide Parks Board.

Goldendoodle’s antisocial hijinks

I have an 18-thirty day period-aged male goldendoodle who is friendly by nature. But he seems to have issues greeting other pet dogs.

When he sees yet another canine approaching, he typically lowers himself to the ground and refuses to shift. Or he might go bit by bit like a predatory tiger or make a sudden lunge.

I cannot understand why he behaves like this. He experienced attended obedience teaching classes when he was about 1 calendar year old.

It may well be coincidental, but I really feel that he was a great deal calmer just before he was neutered when he was 13 months previous.

Is it all suitable to take him to pet dog parks? He tends to get into scuffles at the slightest provocation, but I make positive I am often close to him to intervene speedily.

Also, he plays quite well with my neighbour’s puppy – wrestling, rolling and enjoy-biting. Could this add to his hyper behaviour as he could feel it is acceptable with all other dogs?

Ivy Sim

Canine have a array of personalities, from the shy and afraid to the overly pleasant dog that thinks that every other puppy is happy to see them.

A huge aspect of dog socialisation expertise is picked up when dogs are around 8 to 12 weeks of age when puppies learn to browse behavioural cues and the suitable responses to these cues.

Social capabilities for canines do not occur obviously and most dogs do not instinctively know how to behave around other puppies with no right socialisation.

It will probable be hard to deal with bad greeting capabilities, but you may possibly would like to start out by training your pet dog to enjoy and bond with you as a substitute of other puppies in the canine park.

The purpose is to keep his consideration fixed on you when there are other canines close by. This could be performed by offering him treats continuously when other dogs are close by or taking part in pleasurable game titles with him wherever he focuses on and is rewarded by you.

By discovering to focus on and participate in with you in its place of other canines in the pet park, your puppy will study to bond with you, ideally creating it a a lot more entertaining and satisfying experience for both equally of you.

Mata Puteh’s bowel habits a problem

My pet bird, a Mata Puteh (Oriental White-eye), has been passing watery stools, which I panic could be an indicator of an underlying ailment. Is there any medicine I can administer to reduce this issue?

Chua Ai Tong

Birds normally move stools and urine together owing to their pure anatomy. A improve in stool regularity will want to be differentiated from other observations these as excessive urination.

However, a improve in stool consistency might reveal an ongoing condition approach prompted by pathogens such as germs, viruses, fungi and parasites. It is not highly recommended to self-medicate as giving the erroneous medication can have major repercussions.

A go to to your veterinarian as soon as achievable would be recommended in order to greater diagnose any likely intestine infections.

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