October 19, 2021

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Check Out These Awesome Amazon Prime Day Deals For Pets

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If you have a pet at home, you know as well as we do that sometimes you just want to pamper your animal friends… just because! Which makes Amazon Prime Day even better for those of us who have furry or feathered friends.  Monday and Tuesday we’ll be picking out our favorite Must Haves Prime Day pet deals and finds that you may have never seen. So don’t forget to check back periodically to see the Prime Deals we’re curating for this extra-special list.

As a reminder, the deals apart of Amazon’s Prime Day are available for only Amazon Prime Members. The deals will also expire at various times throughout the day, and, in some cases, products may sell out. At the time of publication, the items on this list were in stock and part of the Prime Day deals.

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Grab an foldable and portable pet water bottle for those long walks with your pet. We all know that this summer hot days are inevitable. And we want to make sure our pets, especially our dogs with long hair, stay hydrated. This portable pet water bottle has a foldable cap that works as a bowl and can easily travel with you as you walk. 

Snag it here. 

This 16 foot retractable dog leash also comes with a foldable water bowl and an attachable poop bag dispenser, which makes this the perfect Must Have pet leash. You can grab it now for only $8 on Amazon. 

Buy it here. 

Time to bust out another food puzzle! This set of five interactive dog toys is great for helping your pet manage their food intact, but they’re also really great brain stimulation. Because of the nature of the toy, your pet will work to figure out how to get the food out of the toy. This is also a great find for puppies as they are made from rubber not plastic, which can often be broken by sharp puppy teeth. 

Order your set here 

Save 50% on this awesome pet food scooper. Every pet owner knows as well as we do that dogs and cats should only have a certain amount of food per day, otherwise they can get really fat and have health problems. So, here’s a tool that will help you take out the guess work. The pet scoop has an adjustable insert that allows you to select the proper food preportion for your pet, eliminating you from having to hold it up to your eye level and hope that you’ve gotten the right amount. 

Snag yours here. 

How fun is this? If you have a playful cat that likes to get out of the house, like I do, this could be a fun alternative so that they don’t accidentally blot. This cat harness and leash comes in two sizes, so make sure to measure your pet and check the sizing guide before purchasing.  

Order one here. 

My cat loves to drink from our bathroom sinks and basically anything that has a “running” source of water. This is perfect for that. Some pets like having a circulation of water like this fountain provides. In many cases it helps keep the water more hygienic. This pet fountain is “Ultra-quiet” and can hold up to 2.5 Liters of water.  

Grab yours here. 

You’re looking at an Amazon bestseller that has dogs rolling over for more! These Chicken & Waffle Bites are fun treats that customers and their furry friends adore. These treats are made right here in the USA and include farm-raised chicken with “no added poultry by-products; no added corn, soy or wheat, no added artificial flavors.” 

Grab them for your pet Here. 

We saw this and instantly thought; “Welcome To Kitty Paradise.” Or at least that’s what we’re imagining our cats saying the minute it’s delivered. This cat condo tree tower not only has scratching posts, which we love but also a fun hammock for our cats to curl up in and sleep, which is all they want to do anyway. This Prime Day pet deal is 30% off and just under $20. 

Buy it here before they sell out!

We really love the idea of taking our pets on the go with us. This transparent window pet carrier looks like a lot of fun for our pets! The carrier is collapsible and has ventilation to keep your pet safe. There’s also a built-in safety buckle to ensure that your pet doesn’t up and jump out of the carrier. 

Order one HERE.

Here’s a cool find for you. This UV light can help you detect dried dog and/or cat urine stains, spills, and more. While it sounds kind of gross in theory, in practice it’s actually a great idea to have around. This will really help you navigate areas that desperately need a deep clean. 

Buy it HERE. 

Boy, oh boy do we get pet hair. If you’re a pet owner it’s always a thing you have to worry about especially with long-haired cats and dogs. This reusable pet hair remover is double-sided with double the amount of bristles to help grab all that pet fur. It works on more than just clothing too. You can use it on the furniture, bedding, and even your car seat. 

Order yours HERE.

If you haven’t seen one of these yet, you’re going to want to buy it. Cats love this thing. I mean truly they love it. They get to do two of the things they love the most; Sleep in the warmth of the sun and be on an elevated surface. This deal is going fast so make sure you grab it now.

Snag one for your cat HERE.

Everyone is traveling a lot more lately, which means it’s a great time to upgrade your pet carrier, especially if your pet is going to travel with you. This airline-approved carrier fits both dogs and cats. With four expandable sides, your pet will be able to travel in a bit more comfort and luxury. 

Buy it NOW.

If you’re a pet owner you know the importance of having waterproof things for your home and car. These waterproof front seat covers are great for protecting your car. You can grab these right now for a little over $25.

Grab it HERE.

Certain dogs have to eat food a little bit slower than other dogs, and this is usually due to their size and whether or not they can hurt their stomachs. Many pet owners have introduced food puzzles to help their dogs eat at a slower rate. That’s why this dog bowl food puzzle is so cool because we’ve never seen one like this before. This bowl is made of safe and durable material that can be placed into your dishwasher for cleaning. It works with both dry and wet food so you don’t have to worry about feeding your pet one or the other. And of course, as Prime Members like hearing, there’s a killer deal on it where you can get this bowl for under $10.

Scoop it up NOW.

Okay, how cool is this?! A magnetic aquarium glass cleaner that helps you clean the algae off the sides of your fish tank. This is easily working smarter not harder in our book. This tool comes with two pads. The inside page has these hook-like features that help to scrap the algae off the side of your tank. The outside pad is a soft pad that is magnetized so that it can connect to the inside pad and easily glide across your tank as you go.

Check out the deal HERE.

furbo dog camera
Do you want to be able to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away from home? Whether it’s because you have a new puppy or you just like to check in the Furbo dog camera allows you to see a video of the room you place the camera in. It has 2-way audio which means if you’re dog is barking you can see why and communicate with them. And without a doubt, the coolest feature is the ability to toss a treat to your pet while you’re not there. This deal is super awesome because for Prime Members only you can now get the Furbo dog camera for 30% off!

Grab yours HERE.

pup mom subscription crate

If you’re a dog mom this subscription box is built for you and your pup.  The cool thing about this box is that each month you’ll get fun items to spoil YOU and your dog.  Dogs are pampered with things like treats and toys and you’ll get surprise dog mom-themed lifestyle items like skincare products, mugs, jewelry, and more.  Even better…there extra saving for Prime Members happening during Prime Day.

Snag your deal NOW.

red raincoat on golden retriever

We all love taking our dogs for walks, but no one ever likes to get caught in the rain. The wet dog smell is not one we favor, but sometimes our pups just have to go outside! Enter these raincoats. With four different sizes ranging from Medium to XXLarge, and 5 different color choices, you’ll be helping your dog stay dry during those days when you just have to take them on a walk in the rain. The design also features reflective patterns to help with visibility in dark or dimly lit areas. Plus they are very lightweight and can easily be packed and folded when not in use.

Grab one HERE.

cat carrier

Oh, goodness do we love these! We’ve seen these all over social media for the last couple of years so when we saw that this was an Amazon Prime Day pet deal we couldn’t resist adding it to our list. Basically, you can now take your cat on the go with you and they can look out and see the rest of the world as you go along. This carrier can hold up to 22 pounds, which for some of you fat-cat owners, like me, you’ll be excited about. This deal is ending really soon and stock is going to go fast so make sure you purchase ASAP!

Get it NOW.

french bulldog in safety harness for car

Do you like taking your pet for a drive every now and then? Sometimes we worry when our pets are in our cars with us because we don’t want them to get hurt. This car safety harness is a great way to ensure their safety. The harness comes in multiple sizes based on the size of your pup and will secure them in your car so you can focus on driving. A big plus is that the small, medium and large sizes have been Crash Test Certified.

Order yours HERE.

Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create? Drop us a line at s[email protected].