September 26, 2022

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Firefly Music Festival draws fans from all around country to Dover

Firefly fever is getting hotter. But the only cure is a daily dose of patience and preparation.

Some Firefly fans from around the country are working on the latter, trying to tie up loose ends before visiting The Woodlands of Dover for the music festival that launches Thursday, Sept. 23 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 26.

From the festivalgoer traveling nearly 3,000 miles to The Woodlands to the individual who lives only 3 miles away and showers at home each night, The News Journal / Delaware Online will give you a glimpse into  what it takes for folks coming to enjoy the festival next week.

We’ll also shed light on festivalgoers’ favorite Firefly snacks, the outfits they’ll wear, concerts they want to see, and other essential items they’ll need to have a good time in Dover.  

Travel distances below are based on estimates

California, Ashley LaPierre – 2,760 miles

Everything about this Firefly is going to make for an extra fresh experience for Ashley LaPierre and her husband, Vinny, because neither of them have been to The Woodlands before.

Ashley LaPierre and her husband, Vinny, will be coming from California to make their Firefly debut in Dover on Thursday, Sept. 23.

The couple is coming from Simi Valley, California, and their total travel time, including their flight and drive from Baltimore to Dover, is about nine hours.

Some of the top acts Ashley LaPierre is stoked to see at Firefly include Billie Eilish, Cage the Elephant, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa, Sofi Tukker and The Killers.

Essential items the couple will bring to the festival include their Rylo 360 camera and comfy shoes. LaPierre said she’s going to strut in platform Chuck Taylors with cushy Dr. Scholl’s inserts. To accommodate for warm days and cooler nights, the couple plans dress in layers.