May 28, 2022

Make Clury

Petss Got It All

Netizens show their love for dark humour using this photo of a leopard nuzzling with a baby impala

Trust Twitterati to give a quirky and funny twist to anything and everything. From the most bizarre to mundane things, what becomes the fodder for memes is hard to gauge, nonetheless the results are always quite interesting. The latest image that has gotten tweeple engrossed is a striking photo of a leopard playing with its food. While the premise is pretty daunting, the photo has triggered a sarcastic meme-fest online.

As the natural world is full of surprises, the photo going viral shows a moment between the predator and its prey, a baby impala, forming an unusual bond. While the wildcat is all set to kill a young animal, the image shows the beast gently holding on to its neck and nuzzling with its paw — leaving the prey stunned.

It all started when nature enthusiast Jeffrey (@JeffreyMWard) shared the impressive photo and asked people to guess ‘what’s going on here’. Inviting people to engage with the image, he wrote: “Come on y’all, I need a laugh.”

In case you’re wondering what’s the story behind the epic shot, it’s not a moment when the predator was ‘befriending’ its prey. In fact, it’s just a way to lure the animal before killing it. The chilling moment was captured in 2019 in Greater Kurger National Park, South Africa by a senior game ranger Reynard Moolman.

In a blog post ecounting the memorable sighting, the photographer identified the leopardess as Nkanyi and detailed how the hunt unfolded, as the predator showed a behaviour he hadn’t seen before. “Nkanyi put her paw (and some claws) on top of the impala’s head and pulled it towards her…and decided to bite the impala’s nose. She was more than likely just playing and didn’t do any serious damage to the impala,” a post published on Pondoro Game Lodge’s website read.

He recalled that although the young prey did try to escape many times — taking the wildcat by surprise — in the long run, it failed to save itself. The series of images by Moolman captured in late December also made waves on the internet in early 2020 and has resurfaced once again.

Now, as the striking image is going viral once again, people on the internet are giving it a meme treatment and coming up with apt captions, showing off their knack for dark humour. Others reacted to it sharing similar scenes from popular culture that exude the same vibe.